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Tooth Whitening at Home

Would you like sparkling white teeth? But think that it would take too long or be too much like hard work? Well your wrong!

We simply take some moulds, make you some custom fit trays... you go home, put the minty gel in the trays and have a good night's sleep! It's really as simple as that. This method takes about 10-14 applications but still achieves fantastic results.

This also includes a complimentary whitening kit to take home so you can keep your pearly white smile for as long as you want!

Tooth whitening can cause some slight sensitivity for some people, but it doesn't last forever. To minimise the risk of this happening we only use Phillips Zoom for our tooth whitening.

Because unlike most whitening gels, Phillips Zoom incorporates ACP (de-sensitising agent) into their formula, reducing the risk of post treatment sensitivity enormously. If you opt for tooth whitening at home we will tailor the formula to your specific needs, taking into account any previous sensitivity, and oversee your treatment from the surgery.

Why not talk to your dentist today about the options available and how we can help you get that dazzlingly white smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth whitening is one of the most common form of cosmetic treatments used in dentistry. Hydrogen peroxide in a gel form is used to lift stains from teeth.

The bleaching process in any form is not painful in itself, the process may cause short term sensitivity in some people's teeth. This can be managed at home using de-sensitising agents.

This will depend on your lifestyle and dietary habits. Things like smoking, coffee and red wine will all stain your teeth and cause your teeth to darken faster. On most people they will start to notice they may need to be topped up after 12-18 months. As long as you still have your trays you will only need to buy the gel refills and you shouldn't need to repeat the whole process.

The treatment costs £264

EU legislation states that bleaching using hydrogen peroxide can only be prescribed by your dentist, if you haven't had your teeth checked in over 12 months you will need to book in for an examination first to check that your teeth are suitable. If you have had a check-up you can just simply call up and request a 15 minute appointment for impressions which will be used to make your custom fit trays.

Your dentist will then talk you through your options again, give you the relevant consent forms and get your final appointment made.

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Would you like sparkling white teeth? But think that it would take too long or be too much like hard work? Well your wrong...
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