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Tooth Cleaning using Aquaclean

Aquaclean is a fantastic new way of cleaning your teeth, instead of using traditional methods of polish using a cup and abrasive paste we use this new method which is similar to that of a jet wash!

Aquaclean, using natural bicarbonate of soda and high pressure water, can thoroughly clean your teeth with its gently abrasive action: removing staining from the tooth surface without damaging tooth enamel.

The bicarbonate of soda particles get into those spaces between and around your teeth that a traditional clean cannot reach, giving you an all round better result.

For those patients with sensitivity we can use the same process to clean your teeth but with a Novamin treatment, so you can benefit from a really good clean and reduced staining too.

If you have also had a tooth whitening treatment, Aquaclean can help maintain the result keeping your teeth looking whiter for longer.

Why not book in for a free consultation and find out if its right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the sensation is unusual it is not painful.

In order to maintain the very best of oral health it is always recommended that you have a check-up but because all of our hygiene is completed by a dentist it is not compulsory.

Because polishing is not necessary to maintain health of your teeth it is classed as cosmetic and therefore not covered by the NHS.

The standard cost for an aquaclean is £60 but if you are a plan patient this will be included as one of your annual treatments or at a reduced rate for your second one.

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