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Smile Makeovers and Missing Teeth

Whether your unhappy with the shape, size, colour or the position of your teeth there is almost always a solution to fix it.

We are all aware that the celebrity community have statistically better looking teeth than most of us general public but not all enhanced smiles need to look like they have walked straight out of Hollywood.

Most minor corrections can be done less invasively with either a general cleaning, tooth whitening and braces, but for those of us with more compromised positioning or colour we may have to look towards a more dramatic treatment option. This goes as well for those expecting a more significant outcome of the treatment. i.e those of us that want a more dramatic change.

The most popular treatment for perfecting smiles or changing teeth shape or colour is veneers. Veneers are a thin porcelain custom made overlays that sit on top of your natural teeth. This is one of the popular treatments with the stars as it masks discoloration, uneven teeth and can be designed exactly how you want them.

Historically veneers needed dramatic cutting in order to achieve the desired outcome, but modern day lab techniques mean that some teeth can just be polished and the porcelain can be laid over the top of your own natural teeth meaning minimal damage and post-operative sensitivity.

The same thing can be achieved with crowns. Crowns are like a hat that surrounds part or all of your tooth (like a tooth hat)

Crowns require more cutting than veneers and would only be used if it was clinically necessary in order to achieve the desired outcome. Like veneers, crowns can be adapted in terms of thickness, shape or colour to either make them look the same as your natural teeth or to give them a dramatic makeover.

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Would you like sparkling white teeth? But think that it would take too long or be too much like hard work? Well your wrong...
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Tooth straightening
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