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We believe passionately that it is possible to create
an atmosphere where our patients feel more like friends

We treat them as we would treat our family and to provide high quality dental care that is tailored just for you

Same visit crowns using Cerec CAD CAM

You can 3D print almost anything these days, so why not print your tooth?

No more waiting around labs, if you break your tooth you can walk out with a brand new one; your tooth can be made whilst you wait.

As well as the convenience of these crowns there are other benefits to.

The retention of these crowns are created by using a bonding technique, this means that more of your tooth can be preserved than that of a traditional crown.

And the best part is they are made from porcelain... so no metal, they're tooth coloured and therefore nobody would ever know it's not your real tooth!

So with a closer fit and no need to come back to get it fitted you can see why the cerecs are a high contender when it comes to our best selling treatments!

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Would you like sparkling white teeth? But think that it would take too long or be too much like hard work? Well your wrong...
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Tooth straightening
using C-fast

C-fast braces are a new innovative system that combines aspects of the traditional methods of straightening teeth but boasts a modern twist! click here for more information